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Coordinates: 51°31′21″N 2°36′46″W / 51.5225°N 2.61274°W / 51.5225; -2 hermes birkin outlet.61274
Catbrain Hill, simply known as Catbrain, is a small village near the north of Bristol, at the edge of neighbouring district South Gloucestershire, England prada zonnebril 2016. It is located by Cribbs Causeway, on a road that contains many car dealerships. A new housing estate has been recently constructed at Catbrain. At the bottom of the hill the lies Filton airfield.
The area belongs to postcode BS10

The name “Catbrain” derives from the Middle English “cattes brazen” which is a reference to the rough clay mixed with stones that is characteristic soil type of the location

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. It has frequently been noted on lists of unusual place names.
The Hazel Brook rises in nearby Cribbs Causeway and its flow into the River Trym is controlled by an attenuation reservoir at Catbrain, which reduces the silt flowing into the system from the many shopping malls in the area. Measurements of pollution by the city council show the water to be relatively clean.
Catbrain attenuation reservoir
Media related to Catbrain at Wikimedia Commons

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