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Vivox, Inc provides managed communication services in the form of integrated voice chat, Instant Messaging (IM) and presence to online games, virtual worlds and other online communities. It is headquartered in Natick, Massachusetts, United States.

Vivox was founded by Jeff Pulver in 2005.[citation needed] On September 19, 2005 Vivox announced that they had received $6 million in venture capital funding from Canaan Partners and GrandBanks Capital.[citation needed]
On November 13, 2007 Vivox announced that they had secured $7.8 million in series B financing. The B round financing was led by Benchmark Capital and supported by existing investors Canaan Partners and GrandBanks Capital. With the support of Benchmark Capital, former CEO of JAMDAT Mobile, Mitch Lasky was added to the Vivox board of directors.[citation needed]
On February 2, 2010 Vivox announced that they had raised $6.8 Million in funding for their C round. The round was led by IDG Ventures and included follow on investment from existing investors, Benchmark Capital, Canaan Partners and GrandBanks Capital. In addition IDG Ventures, Managing Director, Phil Sanderson joined the Vivox Board.[citation needed]
On May 10, 2006 CCP Games and Vivox announced that EVE Online players would have real-time, in-game voice communication as the result of an agreement between the two companies. Vivox provided CCP with an integrated solution that allows players to speak with each other in-game, create audio conference channels for their gang, corporation or alliance.
On February 27, 2007, Vivox announced a partnership with Linden Labs and that they would provide integrated voice communications to the Second Life Grid. This included spatial audio that allows residents to hear each other based on their positions. This technology was licensed from DiamondWare Technologies.
During the 2008 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, California, Vivox announced a partnership with Sony Online Entertainment. The agreement between the two companies brought integrated voice chat into all existing and planned SOE products including SOE’s out of game communication application, Station Launcher. At this point the SOE games that include Vivox Voice are: EverQuest, APB, EverQuest 2, Star Wars Galaxies, and Planetside 2.
On May 13, 2008 Vivox and NCsoft announced a partnership that would bring voice to the NCsoft player community.
September 16, 2008 it was announced that Vivox would provide voice technology for 38 Studios upcoming MMO.
March 24, 2009 Vivox and Real Time Worlds declared that Vivox would provide voice for Real Time Worlds’ MMO, APB. To be included in this integration is use of Vivox’s spatial 3D voice capabilities.
Known integrations of Vivox’s communications platform in online games and virtual worlds.
Known middleware integrations of Vivox’s communications platform.
C3 is a standalone voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) client where computer users are able to connect and speak with fellow computer users. C3 allows users to chat both through text and voice by creating chat channels with a maximum capacity of 100 users in each channel.[citation needed]
The target audience of C3 is gamers who can use the software to communicate with other gamers among the same guild, team, clan, etc. on an online multiplayer game (MMO). Voice communication allows for players to use teamwork to their advantage while creating a sense of online community.

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