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Nanette Workman

Nanette Workman, de son vrai nom Joan Workman, est une chanteuse et actrice américaine née le 20 novembre 1945 à Brooklyn (États-Unis). Elle a grandi à Jackson (Mississippi) et y a commencé sa carrière. Elle chante en français et en anglais walking belt with water bottle holder, et est devenue une star au Québec après […]


PFIQ is the acronym and common name for a publication known as Piercing Fans International Quarterly, which was published by Jim Ward from 1977 to 1997. Ward pioneered the field of body piercing and operated The Gauntlet, which was the first commercial establishment to offer the service in the United States. The first issue of […]

COMSATS Institute of Information Technology

COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, also known as CIIT, is a public research university in Pakistan. It is a multi-campus institute with its headquarters located in the urban area of Islamabad. Established by the Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South which was established in Islamabad on 4 & 5 October […]

What Do I Do if I Have Fat Legs and Want to Wear a Skirt?

Many women have big legs, and often retreat from fashion to take refuge in dark, full-length pants. Before you spend another season hiding in pants and jeans, consider the best ways to wear the skirts you¡¯ve always wanted to try. Skirts are feminine, and wearing the right styles and accessories can actually make your legs […]

Translational research informatics

Translational research informatics (TRI) is a sister domain to or a sub-domain of biomedical informatics or medical informatics concerned with the application of informatics theory and methods to translational research. There is some overlap with the related domain of clinical research informatics, but TRI is more concerned with enabling multi-disciplinary research to accelerate clinical outcomes, […]

Nose Rings & Keloids

Any time the skin is torn, there is the potential for scarring and other damage. A nose piercing is a significant “tear,” going fully through a thick piece of skin, whether it’s a nostril piercing or one through the septum. While keloids are most common around ear piercings, they can also form around a nose […]

Шкинке, Катрина

31 мая 1991(1991-05-31) (25 лет) Елгава Рига Международный мастер (2009) 2242 (Июль 2011) 2218 (август 2016) на сайте ФИДЕ на сайте Chess DB Катрина Шкинке (латыш. Katrīna Šķiņķe; 31 мая 1991, Елгава) — латвийская шахматистка, международный мастер (2009). Победительница женского чемпионата Латвии по шахматам 2014 года. Тренировалась у гроссмейстера Яниса Клована (1935-2010). В 2003 году […]

Arkansas Scenic Drives: Crowley’s Ridge Parkway

Imagine a geological wonder that took wind, water, and ice together 50 million years to create. Now imagine yourself enjoying the dramatic views and rolling topography you’ll experience as you drive along on top of it. All of this awaits you on a scenic drive along Crowley’s Ridge Parkway in Arkansas. Named for the earliest […]

Radu Lupu

Radu Lupu (* 30. November 1945 in Galați) ist ein rumänischer Pianist. Lupu hatte den ersten Klavierunterricht bei Lia Busuioceanu. Im Alter von zwölf Jahren spielte er öffentlich ein Programm mit eigenen Kompositionen. Er setzte seine Ausbildung bei Florica Musicescu, der Lehrerin von Dinu Lipatti, und Cella Delavrancea fort. 1961 erhielt er ein Stipendium für […]

How to Take Out a Lip Ring Stud

Lip piercings take anywhere from two to three months to heal. Once the site heals and there is no sign of extreme pain, redness, swelling or pus, the original stud may be changed. Lip ring studs, held in position with a single bead or jewel, require careful removal to avoid dental damage or damage to […]

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