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Fur Coat Storage Tips

Real fur coats are delicate, often pricey luxury items. With proper storage, you may be able to preserve the quality and extend the life of your fur treasure, and a well preserved fur coat can increase in value over time. Recommended storage methods vary depending on the season and climate. Using the right methods will […]

Swimsuit Season Lies No. 2: Skinny Equals Healthy

*This post is from a series I wrote in 2011: 5 Swimsuit Season Lies and though it might be a vintage blog post now, it’s worth revisiting because “swimsuit season” lies will never go out of fashion Sandor Rolly R0467H Round Neck Keep Warm Popular Downproof Comfortable Crimson Red Dress BUY NOW £131.24 £91.00 , […]

Richard T. Farmer

Richard “Dick” Farmer is an American businessman whose fortune is self-made through his development of the Cintas Corporation. The company started out as his grandfather’s industrial rag-cleaning business. He worked for his father in the family business, Acme Wiper and Industrial Laundry, through childhood, high school, and college. He received a Bachelor of Arts in […]

Maria Schnee (Velké Karlovice)

Die Holzkirche Maria Schnee (tschechisch kostel Panny Marie Sněžné) ist eine römisch-katholische Pfarrkirche in Tschechien. Sie befindet sich im Zentrum des Dorfes Velké Karlovice in der Mährischen Walachei. Das im volkstümlichen Barock gestaltete Bauwerk wurde in der Mitte des 18. Jahrhunderts auf Veranlassung des Besitzers der Herrschaft Rožnov, Franz Graf von Zierotin, errichtet. Die erste […]


Oronhyatekha (10 August 1841 – 3 March 1907), (“Burning Sky” or “Burning Cloud” in the Mohawk language, also carried the baptismal name Peter Martin), was a Mohawk physician, scholar, and a unique figure in the history of British colonialism. He was the first known aboriginal Oxford scholar; a successful CEO of a multinational financial institution; […]

Bernhard Tritscher

Bernhard Tritscher (2012) Bernhard Tritscher (* 25. April 1988 in Zell am See, Pinzgau, Salzburg) ist ein österreichischer Skilangläufer. Er startet für den SK Saalfelden. Tritscher besuchte die Schihauptschule in Saalfelden, das Nordische Ausbildungszentrum in Eisenerz und erlernte den Beruf eines Elektrobetriebstechnikers. Er begann seine Sportkarriere mit der Nordischen Kombination. Weil Tritscher sich in dieser […]

Professional Dress Etiquette

Proper work attire varies depending on the job you do and the workplace culture, but certain rules apply to most professional situations. If your company publishes a dress code, follow it. In the absence of a dress code, go for a neat, low-key appearance that presents you in a positive way. You are judged by […]

Julián Álvarez

Julián Baltazar Mariano José Luis Álvarez (* 9. Januar 1788 in Buenos Aires; † 1843 european football shirts sale?) war ein uruguayischer Politiker goalie gloves for sale. Álvarez gehörte der konstituierenden Nationalversammlung (1828–1830) als Vertreter für San José an. Vom 19. Oktober 1830 bis zum 14 olet toothpaste dispenser. Februar 1834 saß er sodann in […]

Ways to Catch Your Boyfriend Cheating

If your significant other has been distant, showing a renewed interest in his appearance or finding excuses to spend time away from you, you may suspect him of having an affair. Whether he denies the infidelity, or you’d rather gather evidence before confronting him about your suspicions, you can use a variety of techniques to […]

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