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Calumpang National High School

Calumpang National High School (CNHS), formerly Calumpang Public High School, is a public secondary high school in Nagcarlan, Laguna, Philippines, established on July 14, 1966.

Calumpang National High School implements the Basic Education Curriculum (BEC) as prescribed by the Department of Education of the Philippines.

Calumpang National High School implements the K12 Basic Education Curriculum (BEC) as prescribed by the Department of Education of the Philippines in 2010. The school offers quality education for Junior and Senior High School Students

Calumpang National High School offers a 4-Year TLE Specialization. During their first year high school, the Students of CNHS were asked to choose their field of study from the four branches of TLE: Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Industrial Arts (IA), Agricultural Arts (AA), and Home Economics (HE).

In ICT, freshmen take Basic Computer Education and Microsoft Office. Sophomores take Photo Editing. Juniors take Audio Editing and Video Production. Seniors take advance AutoCAD lectures which is used in architectural designs. To avoid counterfeiting, the school used Open-Source or Freeware software like GIMP and Audacity in photo and audio editing.

Drafting Technology is the main focus in Industrial Arts. The students start with the basics, including lettering, charcoal rendering and canvass painting. When they reach their second year in high school, the Mechanical Drafting will be introduced to them, followed by the Technical Drafting and Architectural Drafting.

In Home Economics, CNHS offers Food Technology, Dressmaking and Housekeeping. Students who take this field studies at the Home Economics Laboratory which is equipped with culinary materials, sewing machines best running water backpack, and a room for Housekeeping.

Another specialization is the Agricultural and Fishery Arts pineapple as meat tenderizer. The TLE garden built last 2012 is dedicated for the AA students to have a separated place in performing various activities and outputs. At the end of each month, they harvest the garden wherein the harvested goods are transferred into school canteen. Having the 4-Year TLE Specialization makes CNHS as one of the top performing schools in TLE.

The OHSP is an alternative mode of secondary education that uses distance learning. It caters to learners who are unable to attend the regular class program due to physical impairment, work, financial difficulties, distance of home to school, and other justifiable and legitimate reasons.

The purpose of this project entitled CLICKs or Computer Literate, Competent and Knowledgeable Students is to produce computer literate graduates. Specifically, it aims to:

Project CLICKs will be implemented by the month of July when students from different areas of specializations are already on the laboratory phase. It will follow the procedure listed: Orientation – Students will be given by the ICT teacher background information about computer and computer education. Grouping – Students will be classified accordingly

Schedule and teaching method – Every Friday, peer teaching will be encouraged. ICT fourth year students, supervised by the ICT Coordinator of the school, will be assigned to one- on- one teaching of the following information:

Activities per grading period will be included as one of the activities in TLE.

For the past ten years, CNHS dominates in almost all TLE competitions including STEP-SDC in Laguna and CALABARZON. Until now, CNHS still remains their excellence in Technology. In 2014, Calumpang wipes-out all awards in the Eliminations Phase of Pasiklaban sa Pidabs (PSP), a skills competition conducted by Philippine Women’s University. This made CNHS as the over-all champion of the eliminations phase of the said competition. 20 students from that school will represent Laguna in the National Finals of PSP, competing with other provinces around Luzon and Visayas. This achievement was reported and recognized by Kevin Pamatmat in DZJV Radio CALABARZON last January 23, 2015.

Currently, Calumpang National High School has 2 campuses, the Main campus which is located at Brgy. Calumpang, Nagcarlan, Laguna. The other one is located at Brgy. Maravilla bpa free drink bottles, Laguna which is the Lowland Annex. Another campus is still under construction at Brgy. Kabubuhayan, Nagcarlan, Laguna.

Located at Barangay Maravilla Nagcarlan, Laguna, the Lowland National High School, annex of CNHS started its operation in 2002 and now offering a complete high school curriculum.

Will open on 2016. It will offer various tracks for Grade 11 and Grade 12 Senior High School students

Calumpang National High School has three official student publications:

Since the 1st issue in 1972, The Achievers became the student’s voice wherein they can write their thoughts, comments, and opinions regarding the school concerns. In 2005, the first Filipino edition of student publication was introduced in the name of “The Achievers: Filipino Edition”. However, in 2008, the Laguna Secondary School Paper Advisers Association suggests to change the name of the Filipino School Paper. The title “The Achievers: Filipino Editions” was replaced with “Ang Calumpang”. Another publication is launched in 2013. Entitled “The Technotimes”, it brings updates regarding with the upcoming Senior High School Curriculum in 2016. The 3 Publications has the following sections inside:

At the opening of the School Year 2014-2015, a Facebook page was launched in order for the students to get the latest updates in school’s activities.

South Flava is the official dance troupe of Calumpang National High School. The group was formed last 2015 and was the successor of “D’ Midnight Crew” and “High Intensity” who also bags different awards in the past few years. The name was derived from “South Flavor” since they represent Southern Luzon in the PSP National Street Dance Competition held at Manila last February 27, 2015. PSP is one of the largest Nationwide Dance Competition for High School students. They also participate in different competitions and special numbers around Laguna wherein they receive different awards.

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