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Sant’Orsola, Palermo

The Church of Saint Ursula (Italian: Chiesa di Sant’Orsola or simply Sant’Orsola) is a Baroque church of Palermo. It is located in the central Via Maqueda, in the quarter of the Albergaria, within the historic centre of Palermo.

The church was built for the “Compagnia di Sant’Orsola” (Brotherhood of Saint Ursula), a group of believers which was founded in 1564 in the neighbouring church of Santi Quaranta Martiri Pisani al Casalotto glass water bottles for sale.

The church was open to the public in 1662 reuseable water bottle. The nave, and maybe the entire building, was designed by Giacomo Amato. In 1672 a beautification work started. During this period the building was decorated with stuccos and paintings. In the following century another beautification work was made. As a result of these actions, the church houses several artworks of important Sicilian artists.

Oil on canvas:


The pillars are decorated with ovals representing the patron saints of Palermo: Lucy, Christina, Agatha, Ninfa, Olivia and Rosalia. Workshop of Pietro Novelli.

Many sculptures of the church are the work of Giacomo Serpotta.

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